Tuesday, October 26, 2010

words to live by.

“if i had my life to live over again, i’d try to make more mistakes next time.

i would relax, i would limber up, i would be sillier than i have been this trip.

i know of very few things i would take seriously.

i would take more trips. i would be crazier.

i would climb more mountains, swim more rivers, and watch more sunsets.

i would do more walking and looking.

i would eat more ice cream and less beans.

i would have more actual troubles, and fewer imaginary ones.”

-written by a friar in a nebraska monastery

*pictures from weheartit

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


over fall break, my friend and i embarked on a journey. we drove all day to get to our destination...charleston, south carolina! it may be one of my favorite places. it is so beautiful and so rich of history. adventurous road trips are my kind of trip.we ate delicious food, walked the cobblestone streets, and even went to a concert: which is a must in my book (where a drunk, old man kissed my head...new experience).i dream of living there one day along the water, and there is a cute little gate going to your front door...i already picked out my house! the weekend was great! the weather couldn't have been better. i have to say...i sure do love me some fall break!

Monday, October 18, 2010

one of those days.

today has just been one of those days.
i woke up REAL early to go to campus to sign some agreement in case i drop a class. they tell me i haven't signed it. i drive there. signed it in august. really?
i get back to my house just in time for friday night lights...my new obsession.(tim riggins, please marry me). it is not coming on tv anymore. bummer.
i go outside and i trip and face plant right on the sidewalk...i cut my toe and feels like i broke it. dramatic but hurts real bad.
i know these are really silly things...but this day has just been blah to say the least.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


if you haven't heard of needtobreathe yet you NEED to. they are my favorite, and you will love them too!

my friend and i set off on adventure to asheville, nc to see needtobreathe live, at the orange peel. three of my favorite things...friends, road trips, and music. it was so fun exploring the city of asheville. so many neat shops and very interesting people.

that night matthew mayfield opened for them and he was great, but needtobreathe was the real show! they rocked. they have so much passion and energy and are so fun to watch! you can't help but dance and sing along to their songs! they put on quite the little show! needless to say, it was such a fun little day trip to a quaint city in the mountains...getting away from school and the normal life of a college student. so if you ever want to go on a roadtrip and a concert...i'm your gal!