Thursday, March 29, 2012

i got annie's gun.

i took a personal day. (i only went to one class because i had to)
i slept in. it was glorious.
i went to one of my favorite restaurants with my family. we laughed a lot.
i shot a may have just been a bb gun, but mama has great aim. my brother was impressed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

good golly miss folly.

spring break twelve was solid! my mom and i ventured to folly beach, the surfing capital of the world...who knew?! not really, but there were TONS of surfers every morning and night hangin' ten on little, baby waves. folly beach is a cute, little surfer town where you can walk anywhere you need to go. we stayed in this little place named 'the secret cottage'. i figured out the secret right when we got was tiny. minus our little cottage being extra little, the week was full of sun, books, laughs, walks on the beach/pier, sunscreen, yummy food-shrimp 'n' grits, fnl (my mom has hopped on the train towards dillon...choo choo!) ice cream, adventures in charleston, sunsets, and mom/daughter dates. it was so fun spending spring break with my mom, even if it was my last spring break ever...wouldn't trade it for a thing!! i always love exploring new places with my mama. the trip was a success because we had lots of laughs, funny stories, and great memories. here's to a mom/daughter spring break! holler.

Friday, March 16, 2012

it's that time of year...

when i don't want to be in school ANY longer, i am so lazy, and i just want to relax and not do a darn thing...good thing it is spring break! i am traveling to one of my favorite places for a little mother/daughter trip. some may see this as lame since it is my senior spring break....but i couldn't be more excited to venture the city, lay out on the beach, relax, and just be with my mom. so here's to the low country, funny stories, laughter, sun shine, beaches, and exploring. can i get a hoohah for spring break!! holler!

Monday, March 12, 2012

kids say the darndest things.

the other night i babysat some pretty cute kids, and they said THE funniest stuff ever! sometimes i forget how funny kids really are. here are some of the things that they said:

-'the first time i smoked a cigar i had to brush my teeth for a really long time.' -the four year old boy.
-'i hate kissing. it's like the worst sport ever.'-the eight year old boy.
-'you know when i fart it smells a little bad...oh uh don't come over here it's everywhere!'-the four year old boy.

these are just a taste of what i heard the other night. the other part they were dancing to loud music and that in its self was hilarious!! oh to be a kid...holler!

Friday, March 9, 2012

bro/sis roadtrip with a little mumford on the side.

so this week has been cray cray! my brother and i decided to take a mini road trip to nashville during our busiest week of school (probably not the smartest thing...but so worth it) to see mumford play at the ryman. it was beautiful...the ryman and the sons. i have only seen them once before and even though there were some hiccups in the show (he forgot the words and then had to run off stage to i guess puke) it was so wonderful...even though i have heard the next two nights were flawless and just amazing-i wouldn't trade my night for anything; it just felt so real and authentic. it was okay that they messed up...the crowd sang for them (sometimes a little too loud and too drunkenly). it was okay because they were doing what they love...playing music. it was really cool, and they were so humble about it! they sounded amazing and really know how to put on a not so perfect show. they rocked the ryman! as miley cyrus would say 'nobody's perfect...everybody makes mistakes'. on the way back we played games like 'let's sing into shazam and see if they recognize the song'-it didn't...but SO funny, we sang really loud and really bad, we laughed a lot, we got really tired, and we just talked about life. so i guess i am saying my brother is better than yours and my tuesday was better than yours!

so here's to fun adventures during the craziest of weeks!! holler.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

to say this week has been crazy is an understatement.

let's just talk about what i have done this week.
-viewed the bachelor...duh.
-took 4 tests. yikes.
-went to the mumford and sons concert in nash. AMAZING!
-probably slept a total of 16.3 hours this week...woah! i do not like this.
-ate really good food in nash.
-had lots of dr pepper...i haven't been drinking it but this week i needed it to function.

-i'm glad to say the craziness is i will just will sit and watch felicity!

Friday, March 2, 2012

how you supposed to breathe with no air?

cheesy title once again...but that's okay, i love me cheese.
last night, i was able to go to the ben rector/needtobreathe concert and the tennessee theatre. it was unreal! my mama came with me, so we made a little date out of it. the night was full of seeing friends, yummy food, good music, and dancin' like fools.
ben brought the house down looking like he stepped right out of the j.crew catalog. i have seen my fair share of needtobreathe shows and hands down that was one of the best. they always step it up a notch and that they did...they basically had a mini light show, they brought a string quartet to make things "classy", and they brought an insane show! it was so fun to see so many people rockin' and rollin'. these guys have so much passion for what they do, and it makes it so fun to watch! even my mama got down! great way to spend a thursday night in my book!