Monday, January 21, 2013

a tootin' night at toots.

the name can be deceiving. BUT it's a hole in the wall karaoke joint. my favorite kind of place! a little karaoke and a lot of laughs. we happened upon it spontaneously...we took a chance and it was great!! there are some videos, but that's for another here's to singing songs loudly and badly with a room full of strangers...the best way! holler!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

year in review.

what can i say...2012 was a pretty durn good year. helped move that bus for ty pennington. saw the most beautiful sunset. partied like i was 22. went to europe. graduated college. became a grown up. got a job. spent lots of time in my pajamas. had lots of laughs. survived the end of the world. saw kathie lee and hoda. had lots of tears. learned i had great aim with gun-a bb gun. dove out of plane. spent time with some of my favorite people. i got big hopes for cheers to that! holla.