Thursday, March 31, 2011

a little dinner date.

one of my best friends and future roommates came over for dinner this week. it was funny because my roommate kacey and her boyfriend were also cooking dinner. so we just had a double date with them. becca and i made spaghetti and let me tell was delicious! no matter what we do we always have such a fun time laughing together, making fun of each other, and living life together! can't wait for more dinner dates with her when she lives with me! yay.
p.s. we got new leaders on my young life team, and they are AWESOME! so excited for them and what's to come!
p.p.s. please excuse my appearance...wet hair is not my best look.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


this weekend was eventful and restful all at the same time! it was perfect. on friday, my mom and i had a little date at one of our favorite restaurants, trio, in market square, and then we headed to the drew holcomb and the neighbors concert. it was so fun and so good! the opening act was really good too. mockingbird sun. they are country and perfect songs for the summer! the rest of the weekend was full of homework, babysitting some pretty cute babies, and procrastinating. and the perfect form of procrastination was baking caramel salted brownies! so yummy! i will be making these A LOT! watch out friends! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


happy friday! i know i am so excited that it is finally the weekend. i can't wait to just relax and catch up on some sleep. i do have some fun things planned as well. but i hope you get a good laugh out of it. i know i did! maybe my favorite ever. SO funny!

Monday, March 21, 2011

spring for the books.

7 girls. 2 cars. road-trippin' to PCB (panama city beach) and yes i am ashamed.
we started the journey early with music blastin' in the car and fist pumpin' all the way down to the sketchiest beach...we were warned. we didn't want to believe the rumors. THEY ARE TRUE!
we arrive at what is supposed to be our 'home' for the week at cabana cay. we stand in line to check in but we never get to check in. we booked a 6 person
room. we had 7 people. they thought this was a fire hazard. i thought they were silly, but they were really
doing a favor. after crying in the sketch winn dixie/cabana cay welco
me center and talking to the people on the phone to
get our money back and cancelling our reservations....we end up strand
ed. in PCB. not ideal. luckily, one of the seven had an aunt stayi
ng dow
n there so we crashed there for a night. not knowing where we would end up the next night.

here comes the good news:
we got an awesome condo next to miley cyrus' beach condo in seagrove!!! holla for some connections. needless to say, spring break surpassed all of our expectations. (i mean you can really only go up once you leave PCB. let's be honest).
good food, great friends, photoshoots on the beach, emily and brad forever, tans, really cute families, dance parties in our condo, ncaa tourney and brackets, laughter, st. patris day, perfect weather, sharks in the water, and memories that will make us laugh for SO long.
spring break started off a little shaky but we ended on solid ground.
so here is to you spri-brea-ele!

Friday, March 11, 2011


today i am
getting my haircut.
(over)packing for spring break.
wishing i was at the beach and getting my tan on.
jammin' to music by myself...probably good thing no one can see me!
really excited my crazy week is over.
looking forward to a yummy dinner with my mama!

here's to spring break MMXI with my favorite people!
*most of picture is going!! woohooo

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

get me to that beach.

this time next week, i will be with my favorite people soaking up the sun on the sandy shores of florida! i really cannot wait until then. this week has been tough-two papers and a test...a little stressed. but that means that next week will be even sweeter. i have been dreaming of the big blue ocean and those sandy shores. i am so excited to be with these girls. go on a road trip and adventure, be silly, and live life together! so...

Friday, March 4, 2011

a really funny 2 hours.

today, my roommate, logan, and i went to the young life house to drop off our old prom dresses to sell so our high school friends can go to camp! logan is known for her panther growl (it was her high school mascot) so of course we saw people there, and they BEGGED her to do it and of course she did ..FUNNY!! after the panther growl, we decided we wanted a little a snack so we took the most round about way to get to a mcdonalds. we were ridin' dirty on the strip, hittin' on strangers in the car, gettin' in traffic jams, lookin' like fools. never a dull moment with her! so those 2 hours were a good indicator that this weekend will be rockin'. TGIF!
*these pictures of us describe us a little too well!