Thursday, December 30, 2010

what a year.

this is what my year has looked like.





we dressed up as hurley and claire for the LOST finale. just fyi.








2010, you have been great! lookin' forward to 2011 and what that will bring. happy new year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a first for me.

this week i also went ice skating for the first time EVER! i know, it is a little sad that i have never been. i was a little nervous, and i was picturing my brutal fall that would probably happen while i was entering the rink. we skated in market square, and it was so fun! i didn't fall once! i even let go of holding onto the wall and skated like a pro. i am the next michelle kwan! watch out.

a birthday.

on monday, it was my good friend jenn's 21st birthday! i have known her since freshmen year of highschool and she is one of my closest friends...that's a VERY long time! she is the friend that i call when i need advice, need a good a laugh, need a good road trip, or need to go to a good concert! and her little party was a fun little gathering with friends, chocolate, and fun stories. and it was a very happy day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

white christmas.

this christmas was one of the best. it was full of family, memories, and snow! yes, snow...even though it didn't start snowing until later that night. it was still christmas and it was still beautiful. we opened presents,we watched home videos(the best), we were with family, and we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. i really think we had enough food for a whole army! we don't mess around. many memories were made, and many laughs were shared. but most importantly we remembered the best gift of all. the baby that was born to save the world.

i was excited about christmas.
siblings annual, awkard photo in front of the tree.
toby and me. (he likes to sit when being held)
sibs plus toby.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

if you really knew me.

if you really knew me, you would know...
-i chipped my tooth in an eating contest.(still a touchy subject)
-i do interpretive dance to lots/any pop song...teenage dream is my best. but really any katy perry or justin bieber is where i shine.
-i sleep with a purple moshi pillow it in middle school.
-i love reality tv.
-i love tim riggins. and friday night lights for that matter.
-i hate when people touch my neck.
-i am addicted to dr. pepper.
-i love mexican food. it's my favorite food group.
-i laugh at myself. alot.
-i want to play the tambourine in a band.
-i am good at impressions/accents.
-i am a professional wrestler...not true.

now a song i can't get out of my head. love it.

dress up.

so i went to a chi o formal a couple weeks ago. no, i'm not in a sorority. but my friend is. her boyfriend couldn't go, so i took his place as her date. and i was the best darn date there! it was fun to dress up and see friends before they went home for christmas break. jenn and i danced the night away...looking like fools, of course. we really liked to copy other couples how they were dancing and try to dance like them. there was laughing involved! we were probably the best looking couple there too! minus these two.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pie party/gift exchange.

on monday night, i hosted a little christmas gathering/pie party for my friends at my house. my mom did this with her friends in the fall and thought it would be fun! what they had to do was make a pie and bring a gift(for dirty santa).

let's just say sugar overload from all of the delish pies...brownie pie, chocolate pie, moosetracks ice cream pie, lemon pie, and chocolate chess pie. i guess you could say we are fans of chocolate! i passed out awards for best tasting pie, prettiest pie, and most unique pie. here are the winners. becca won two awards...she was lucky.

it was such a fun night filled with laughter and food-my favorite things!
i made the a chocolate cookie pie and had left over ingredients, so i decided to make homemade oreos! just call me betty crocker.
*don't worry, santa is bringing me a new camera for no more dark, grainy photos!
merry christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

white christmas.

saturday was my mom's birthday! happy birthday, mom. she is the person who i look up to most. she is strong, loving, caring, and so funny! for her birthday,we were traveling back from johnson city, and we made a pit stop at our favorite place for lunch...PALS! it was so expected! later, we went out on the town to celebrate. white christmas was playing at the tennessee theatre so we decided to go dinner downtown and see that! it was so neat to see a movie played in this theatre that has so much history and so much detail. the theatre is absolutely beautiful! it was the perfect night!
*a birthday picture...not so great because my camera is messed up!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

baby, it's cold outside.

it is SO cold. and cold weather does not do good things for my mind.(we will get to that later) but i really do love this snow! it's so beautiful. i have been staying at my mom's, and i have loved not really doing much. yesterday, i actually stayed in my pajamas all day long and watched tv with my brother...i really did love it, and i am not ashamed of it one bit. but since it has been so cold i often catch myself dreaming of warm days, sunshine, windows down, and the sandy beach between my toes. back to the cold messing with my mind... i get a little a crazy and end up saying certain things the wrong way when i get really cold...for example:
the other night my mom asked if i was going to bed soon. i replied, 'rarely soon.' instead of fairly.
i said i bet those people(on a scary tv show) are excavating is defecating. ha
today i asked what to wear to the rehearsal of is receiving of friends. and the sad thing is i think i have been saying these things my whole life...not just when it is cold. i will just blame it on that.

so i give you this picture in honor of sunshine, bathing suits, sunglasses, and the lake. oh to be summer!