Monday, November 28, 2011


that's the only word to describe this rainy monday. it's been full of cozy blankets, sweatpants, karen kingsbury's new book, a candle, rain hitting the window, dr pepper, delta spirit. i guess i have a case of the mondays...but in a good way.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


here is my thanksgiving post a couple days later. it was a thanksgiving full of family and food. and lots of it! i don't think i have ever eaten that much, but then i think about last year and realize it is just something i do on thanksgiving! that's why it's one of my favorite holidays. you don't get judged for how much you eat. holler! but this thanksgiving was great:
-my brother came a day early and surprised us.
-i made pumpkin pies. (something i always did with my of my favorite things to do)
-laughed a lot.
-lots of family came in town that we hardly get to see.
-watched lots of football and movies.
-realized how thankful i am for my family! life would be pretty boring without my crazy family. here's to next thanksgiving...where i'll eat just as much food! hoohah!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

sharp top cove.

well. another year at sharp top with some hardin valley girls. man oh man, what a weekend! it was so fun to see those girls let loose and love on each other. we laughed, cried, ate lots of food, double tapped our drinks, did the giant swing, zip line, take lots of pictures, listened to drew and ellie sing their hearts out, wore footie pajamas*(side note. you do not need to pack any bedding when you pack footie pajamas. it is your own personal sleeping bag. it was glorious yet hot), had cabin times, heard about jesus, and laughed some more. it was a great weekend with little to no sleep! but no complaints here. it was one for the books!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

83 birthdays.

this little youngen has had 83 birthdays! unreal. she doesn't act a day over 82. my mom and i took a mini road trip to go celebrate my dad's mom. 83 years is something to celebrate! that's a heck of lot of life lived! we watched nascar...which is something she loves, (still don't get that) and then we went for a little birthday celebration at one of her favorite restaurants. i've never seen this lady smile so big! i think it was her favorite birthday yet...probably because i was there-her favorite granddaughter. here's to many more birthdays!!

fort building 101.

let's go build a fort! that's the idea my roomie and i had last friday. we decided it was a fort buildin', movie watchin', pajama wearin', candy eatin' kind of night. she brought her mattress into our downstairs living room (with only a little bit of struggle), we hung up sheets, made it cozy, pulled out chairs, brought mops into the picture...the perfect kind of fort if you ask me! i do have a confession. we became twihards this week. we have been bitten. we did watch all of the twilight movies in one night. some may think that is wrong, but if that's the case...i don't want to be right! the good news is, is that fort will be up for a while!! so here's to being 13 again because i still built forts then. didn't you? holler for fort building!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

day trip.

some friends and i ventured in the cold and rain last friday for a day trip to chattanooga. it was full of rain, jokes, good music, good food, pictures, and friends. we listened to fun music that got us pumped up for the ben rector/needtobreathe concert later that night! we ate lunch at the yellow deli...which turns out is run by a cult. (didn't know that before hand) it was like you walked into the shire. they did have really good food though! at least they got that going for them. we sat in a panera, drinking our coffee and my dr pepper to get an extra boost in our step and just talking about life. it really felt like we were somewhere else like, which is silly, and not chattanooga. maybe it was because we went to a pub for dinner. who knows? the concert was great! the crowd was so rowdy and so tall. had a little bit of trouble seeing everybody up on that stage. but they sounded great! it was a great way to start off a ridiculously funny weekend.
holler for november!