Tuesday, November 1, 2011

day trip.

some friends and i ventured in the cold and rain last friday for a day trip to chattanooga. it was full of rain, jokes, good music, good food, pictures, and friends. we listened to fun music that got us pumped up for the ben rector/needtobreathe concert later that night! we ate lunch at the yellow deli...which turns out is run by a cult. (didn't know that before hand) it was like you walked into the shire. they did have really good food though! at least they got that going for them. we sat in a panera, drinking our coffee and my dr pepper to get an extra boost in our step and just talking about life. it really felt like we were somewhere else like maybe...london, which is silly, and not chattanooga. maybe it was because we went to a pub for dinner. who knows? the concert was great! the crowd was so rowdy and so tall. had a little bit of trouble seeing everybody up on that stage. but they sounded great! it was a great way to start off a ridiculously funny weekend.
holler for november!

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