Sunday, November 27, 2011


here is my thanksgiving post a couple days later. it was a thanksgiving full of family and food. and lots of it! i don't think i have ever eaten that much, but then i think about last year and realize it is just something i do on thanksgiving! that's why it's one of my favorite holidays. you don't get judged for how much you eat. holler! but this thanksgiving was great:
-my brother came a day early and surprised us.
-i made pumpkin pies. (something i always did with my of my favorite things to do)
-laughed a lot.
-lots of family came in town that we hardly get to see.
-watched lots of football and movies.
-realized how thankful i am for my family! life would be pretty boring without my crazy family. here's to next thanksgiving...where i'll eat just as much food! hoohah!

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