Friday, December 30, 2011

mmxi. what a year.

the month i built a snowman and abby got engaged.

the month that i celebrated my 21st birthday, saw the civil wars,
and went on an adventure to DC for my birthday!

the only thing that i can really remember is spring break
and what an adventure that was. first homeless...then livin' the life.

the last month i was able to go to big mama's before it
closed, i celebrated easter with my family, and watched
my friends and brother run in the marathon in nashville!

the month of showers for the bride, taking care of itty bitty bunnies,
celebrating two of my favorite people, mother's day and a
birthday, and even had a small group slumber party!

i got to go to the beach with some pretty cute boys, i got
to watch one of my best friends get married, and i got
to live out a small part of my the
tambourine in a band one day.

the month where we saw our best friend in concert, taylor.
we even got floor seats! i even went to the lake about
every weekend with my family. it was a hot july!

this month was full of injuries, me becoming a nurse, starting
my senior year of colloge,a birthday party at
king tut's...what an experience.

the month for boomsday and dance parties, the young life
banquet, and beach trips during fall break with my friend's family.

was the month i went to an outdoor concert, sat front row at a
ut football game, yes, we lost. i chopped my hair off, was a rock
for halloween and took a day trip to chattanooga for a concert!

is the month we built a fort, watched twilight, went
to sharp top cove, and ate lots o' turkey.

it was full of old friends, birthdays, family, and
lots of sweet treats.
what a year. a lot of stuff happened...good and bad. it was certainly a growing year for me which is not always easy, and i think i am actually comfortable in my own skin and ready for what 2012 has in store for me. i know i say this every year, but i'm pretty sure this is going to be the best year yet. three cheers for the new year! holla!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

three cheers for christmas.

christmas for the cox household was full of funny name tags on gifts, necessities in stockings, pretty wrapping paper, annual awkward morning picture, and laughter. after we opened all our gifts and ate our christmas morning cinnamon rolls. we ventured to my aunt and uncles for the afternoon. where we ate, talked about silly things, and played christmas theme games. they were minute to win it games, and they were hit! even though two boys didn't want to play at first...they quickly found the christmas spirit and got into the games. i will say i won two games! big deal. it was a great day full of family and new memories. here's to a new year!