Monday, August 29, 2011

dear sixteen year old me.

a lot has been happening! you're probably driving in your car, named sonic the saturn (a beaut) or sleeping over at a friends house or at a high school football game or eating a cookie clump...i could go for one of those right about now! you have some of the best friends in the world and don't worry, they're still your best friends and walk with you through life...even when it gets tough! live up high school because i miss it a lot a lot. it was so much fun, so please don't waste it away. once it's over it's over. and once you graduate and you're ready to go to college you get really sad that all your friends are going to the college you want to go to, and you get stuck at a community college but it will be the biggest blessing in disguise! the first year of college is exciting and hard. making new friends, doing quest to becoming a young life leader, but not living on campus with your best friends is not ideal. but you soaked up family time and you get really close to dad which is so good. but so hard. hard things happened that summer. you find things out you don't want to and don't want to imagine. and then when you're 19 august 6th comes around and that will be the hardest day for you for probably forever. it's the day you get a phone call and find out that dad was in a car accident and didn't make it. your family comes together like never before. it's hard but you cling to jesus. it's the only way you can survive. you act strong and tough but don't be afraid to break down and show emotion. (i'm still learning that) you make new friends and start living your new 'normal' life. you live your life to the fullest. you're goofy, you like road trips, you love being with your friends, and you love to laugh! the next few years will be hard but so worth it. you grow so much. you learn big lessons that lots of people don't get to. you have great friends, great community, and a family that will do anything for you. you are strong and continually learning! you still gots lots of life to live!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


babysitter's club is coming to a close. i'm pretty sure this will be my last summer nannying because next summer i will probably/hopefully have a big girl job. but let's be honest...who knows. i'll miss my little friend. i have been her babysitter since she was 6! that's five years people. crazy! today was the last day of me keeping her until we both start school. we had a little lunch and then did a little arts and crafts! probably her favorite thing to do. we made pom necklaces and she loved doing. not to mention the finished product turned out great! i'm gonna miss seeing her so much!!

and yes, she looks like she is 13.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

donna took a tumble.

this past weekend, my mom and i ventured to atlanta, the dirty dirty as i like to call it, to see my brother, daniel. we had a great time! it was full of comfy hotel beds, really yummy food, parmesan cheese tater tots (those were hella good), big laughs, and catching up with the prodigal son!
our great time suddenly took a turn for the worse. my brother was showing us his new house with some friends, and we were getting ready to leave and my mom fell down the stairs...didn't turn out to great. after 4 hours at the hospital we learned that she broke her humerus and her shoulder. ouch!
so the next couple of weeks i will be going by the name of nurse becca.

p.s. my mom really wanted a family picture that weekend...we had to make do.

p.p.s. she looks like a football player now.
blue forty two set hike.