Thursday, August 4, 2011

donna took a tumble.

this past weekend, my mom and i ventured to atlanta, the dirty dirty as i like to call it, to see my brother, daniel. we had a great time! it was full of comfy hotel beds, really yummy food, parmesan cheese tater tots (those were hella good), big laughs, and catching up with the prodigal son!
our great time suddenly took a turn for the worse. my brother was showing us his new house with some friends, and we were getting ready to leave and my mom fell down the stairs...didn't turn out to great. after 4 hours at the hospital we learned that she broke her humerus and her shoulder. ouch!
so the next couple of weeks i will be going by the name of nurse becca.

p.s. my mom really wanted a family picture that weekend...we had to make do.

p.p.s. she looks like a football player now.
blue forty two set hike.

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