Wednesday, January 25, 2012

blast from the past.

this past weekend, i was running some errands with my mom and low and behold i saw my old car! i got so excited! 1) that it is still alive and kickin' and 2) that i got to see it again. that car was great and even though i got quite the upgrade...i still miss sonic the saturn. he was good to me. what a beaut!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

i had a dream...

i had a dream to play the tambourine in a band on a stage. i accomplished it monday night, thanks to the band mockingbird sun! (if you haven't heard of them you should!) some friends and i went to see them do their thang. since there weren't as many people there as wanted, we ended up chatting with them during sets. so naturally, i asked if i could play tambourine...they said yes! they let me live out my silly little dream! it was seriously so fun! it got captured on film too, thanks to my friend mallory. one of my favorite nights...hands down!
i still want to play the tambourine in a band...but maybe next time i'll be in the band!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


this past weekend, i ventured to johnson city with my mom for a quick day trip. on the way home we gladly welcomed probably the prettiest sunset i've ever seen. it looked like the sky was on fire. the sky was painted with beautiful oranges, pinks, and purples. it was a great back drop for our ride home! it made me think of whenever i was little and my family saw something that was pretty we would say, 'thank you jesus' thank you jesus for the beautiful sunset!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


sorry for all the excitement in the title...i was trying to be like ty pennington! extreme home makeover is in knoxville and let me say it is exciting!! i signed up to work and didn't get an email but some of my other friends did. i guess it is because i am too skilled to help out. NOT. but the show wanted to have a mini thanksgiving parade because the show won't be on until thanksgiving...that's so far away. so some of my besties and i headed to campus to join the parade. we had no idea what to expect. we mainly just stood and waited for a while, but that moment the bus showed up we got so excited. we all touched the bus!! (read that in your best nemo voice. it makes it better) even though ty wasn't there it was just still so neat to be apart of something. we probably won't be on tv, but that doesn't even matter. the family that got selected get to see how loved they are and how much of an impact they are making in these women lives. they started the restoration house for battered and single women. it really is amazing that something like this is coming to my little town!

**back story:on the way there we used the elevator in g-10. it almost got stuck and just kept shaking, we saw our lives flash before our eyes, scariest thing ever. and it lasted for what seems so long but really like 15 seconds. word to the wise. don't use the elevator-walk up those stairs!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a new year.

the new year has begun. it has been pretty swell although i'm still just hanging with my family. i also decided to be lazy this new years eve and ring in the new year in my pajamas at my house with my mom. it was great!! we watched larry good, watched a coldplay concert, and watched the magical ball drop! it was my kind of night-nothing too fancy and in my footie pajamas!