Wednesday, February 20, 2013

story time.

true life: i signed my mom up for the bachelor. i described her as looking for love and a cougar. almost the truth. it's probably in the top 500 funniest things i've done! so, we're waitin' for a call from chris harrison! here's to gettin' a rose.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

it's my birthday...

i can celebrate two days if i want to! it's no lie i love birthdays. i love celebrating. the birthday weekend started at lil vinnie's. this quaint little italian restaurant in the old city. it was so fun to be with good friends and laugh over some dang good food!

then on my birthday i celebrated with my family and my friends. my friends and i met at barley's, and of course i got the celebration ale. what else would you get on your birthday?! then the night ended with sassy ann's but that goes without saying!

my 23rd birthday was full of surprises--getting to see two friends unexpectedly, full of laughs, full of friends, full of celebrating, and full of wisdom! holla!

Monday, February 4, 2013

may the force be with you.

this past weekend, my friends and i headed to a hockey game...the first for all of us. we went to cheer on the ice bears in our star wars masks-obviously! what else do you wear to a hockey game? it was so fun! we chanted, we laughed, we made little friends, we saw light sabers, we saw a fight, we won! for the first hockey was a successful! puck yeah!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

a tootin' night at toots.

the name can be deceiving. BUT it's a hole in the wall karaoke joint. my favorite kind of place! a little karaoke and a lot of laughs. we happened upon it spontaneously...we took a chance and it was great!! there are some videos, but that's for another here's to singing songs loudly and badly with a room full of strangers...the best way! holler!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

year in review.

what can i say...2012 was a pretty durn good year. helped move that bus for ty pennington. saw the most beautiful sunset. partied like i was 22. went to europe. graduated college. became a grown up. got a job. spent lots of time in my pajamas. had lots of laughs. survived the end of the world. saw kathie lee and hoda. had lots of tears. learned i had great aim with gun-a bb gun. dove out of plane. spent time with some of my favorite people. i got big hopes for cheers to that! holla.