Wednesday, January 2, 2013

year in review.

what can i say...2012 was a pretty durn good year. helped move that bus for ty pennington. saw the most beautiful sunset. partied like i was 22. went to europe. graduated college. became a grown up. got a job. spent lots of time in my pajamas. had lots of laughs. survived the end of the world. saw kathie lee and hoda. had lots of tears. learned i had great aim with gun-a bb gun. dove out of plane. spent time with some of my favorite people. i got big hopes for cheers to that! holla.


  1. hey :)
    i just want to ask you why it makes you so happy to have a gun. your smile looks like it would be the best in the world to have one. I'm sorry, but I just can't understand why almost everyone has a gun in the usa although some persons die nearly every day.
    i know my english is not the best, but I hope I'll get an answer. we had this subject in school and I just want to understand you and the American population. That's why I'm writing you at this moment.

    and I wanted to say that I like your blog ;)

    1. it's actually just a little bb no bullets or anything whatsoever. it's pretty harmless. i was aiming at trees anyway! thanks for checking it out!

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  3. then its okay :) thanks for answering ;)