Monday, June 11, 2012

going to europe.

well folks. it's that time where i leave for europe with 4 of my friends and we explore all of europe. i am excited, nervous, anxious, thankful, wishful, and did i say excited?!? i have no idea what to expect or what we will see, but i couldn't be more pumped...see what i did there, i used a different word for excited. here's to europe and the many, many stories that i will have when i return! holler.

*here's to hopin' i meet a hunk on the plane or in europe...maybe next time you see me i will have hunk around my's to hopin'!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

celebrations all around.

this past week my family celebrated 3 big events at ye olde steakhouse. we celebrated my graduating college! we celebrated mother's day...i know we were a little late. we celebrated my brother's birthday, he has been on earth for 28 years...that is a long time! yay for celebrations.

*the birthday boy was too cool to get in a picture but not too cool to be the photographer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the blastoff house.

that's the name of the house that i have lived in because our street address was 5432...BLASTOFF!. perfect, right? i will really miss that house. all the dance parties that my roomies had. our bachelor viewing parties. karaoke nights. eating on the floor (we never used our kitchen table). fort nights. harry potter marathons. birthday party celebrations. laughing my head off. valentine's day parties. cuddling with my roomies. and so much more.
there are lots of memories that fill that old house. thanks for being good to me, ole blastoff house!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the end of an era.

not really the end of an era. but the other night was the last night in my little house. the house that i have lived in with friends for 2 years. we are all doing our own bigger and better things. 2 of my roomies were not there, so me and my little bff, becca, had a celebration. we danced in the living room (i'm pretty sure our neighbors who were on their porch that night could see...oh well!), made a toast, and laughed and laughed. it was such a fun, little celebration and just an excuse to hang out together and celebrate the not so end of an era! holler!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

that's all folks.

i gone up and graduated. i finished my last class ever as an undergrad on wednesday! really really weird...needless to say, i'm very excited and pumped to finally enjoy my last summer ever without a job. a job, that's a whole new story...gotta figure that one out.
lot's of things have been happening there:
-the prodigal son returned home for a visit
-i moved out of my sweet house that was home to me for the past two years
-trampoline parties
-lots of chick fil a
-mini roadtrips to nashville for weddings
-pool parties with friends

can't wait for more adventures this summer!! especially those adventures that include EUROPE!!

hip hip hooray for summer and being so old that i'm finished with school!