Sunday, May 29, 2011

spelunking, bachelorette parties, birthdays...oh my!

i have been enjoying this summer to the fullest, whether it be laying in the sun with friends, sitting on porches, lake days, and lazy days...i have loved every minute!

some friends and i decided to be extra adventurous and go play around in a cave, spelunking if you will. it was crazy! i have never been so beat up and bruised more in my life...totally worth it though. i feel so hard core, and that's what it is all about, right? we crawled on our bellies got mud everywhere, and explored this dark cave.

we also celebrated the bride to be with a little a bachelorette party. it consisted of mexican food-my favorite, sweet cece's, laughs all around, cathphrase- with a spin of course, and lots of new goodies for her to wear!! loved celebrating abby
(and andy in a way). can't wait for june 18th!
my family celebrated my brother, matthew's birthday this weekend too. daniel, the prodigal child even made an appearance for the weekend! we went to ruth's chris steak house...what? it started as a joke, and my mom said okay. i guess i need to start joking around more often so i can go to fancy places. mental note!
so happy long weekend and memorial day. here's to cookouts, lake days, and sunburns! holler!
*my family can never take a normal picture together.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in case of an emergency.

so i stumbled across this blog, and i think it is amazing seeing what people would take if their house was burning down. instead of submitting one to his blog, i decided to do my own on here. i actually thought about this recently since the south has been having bad storms...i hate storms, so i was preparing for my death (i guess i was being a little dramatic). but i still gathered some precious things that i did not want to lose. so in an emergency i would bring along:
-my great grandmother's diamond necklace that she gave me.
-my dad's initial ring, it was one of my favorite things that he wore.
-one of my favorite shirts.
-my well loved rainbows.
-my phone.
-my camera. not pictured because it was doin' work taking the picture.
-my glasses. i gots to see.
-my purple moshi pillow-i sleep with it every night.
-my wallet and keys.

i'm sure there is more...but it is crazy to think that a house full of 'things' i would only take a few personal and irreplaceable items. it surely puts things into perspective! let's just hope i don't have to use this list ever...but if i do i think i'm ready.

Monday, May 23, 2011

drive-in movie.

last saturday, my friends and i embarked on a journey to the drive-in! what else do you do in tennessee on a beautiful summer night? beats me. they played tangled (one of my favs) and pirates of the caribbean...too bad i didn't see the second or third one. minor details. but i wanted to stay up for both movies. i'm pretty sure i was one of the few who did! it was a late night but that's what summer is all about...late nights and early mornings!
*what kind of day would it be without photo shoots? a pretty lousy one!
**i was copying taylor swift in a magazine. i'm a natural if you couldn't tell...not!

Friday, May 20, 2011

a late night ice cream run.

two of my friends and i decided to do something about our craving, so we went on a late night ice cream run...always the best kind of run in my opinion. especially when your run includes an extra big cone, so you get to enjoy 'run' longer. we laughed, looked at magazines in the backseat of the car, and people watched. three of my favorite things. here's to more late night ice cream runs! we all scream for ice cream! holler.
*we like to keep our seat belts on at all times...even when the car is in park and off. we take extra precaution!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

just some realizations.

-i realized that the pirates of the caribbean is not based on a true story. (i know)
-i realized that when you do taxidermy they just skin the animal...i always thought the whole animal was mounted on the wall. that changes everything.
-i realized that there is nothing wrong with watching the hills on the tv guide network.
-i realized that one of my favorite shows is on the disney channel. there is nothing wrong with it. and yes, i am 21 years old.
-i realized that swamp people is very near and dear to my heart.
-i realize that most of these are about tv and i'm okay with that!
that's all folks.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


this weekend was restful and mostly spent by myself or with babies, which was great! sometimes i just need to be alone to recharge...and that i did. my mom went on a little girl get away with one of her best friends. so i got the job of house-sitting her house and taking care of all her pets (including the little bunnies).

i also babysat for some pretty cute kids this weekend too! which is always good...playing with cute kids and i get paid?!? since i don't know what i want to be when i grow up i think i'm going to be a professional babysitter, not a nanny just a baby sitter, yep. that sounds good.

when my mom got back we decided to go to lunch and see bridesmaids...i gotta prepare for my duty coming up on june 18th!!! it was SO FUNNY! i was a little worried seeing it with my mom but she liked it too. i mean who doesn't like funny movies! i wish i could be as funny as kristen wiig.

and to top of the weekend, we ended with the finale of desperate housewives with some wine and cookies. classy. haha just trying to be like them. 'trying' is the key word.
*hope we look as good as the ones in the movie. we're pretty funny too, if i do say so my self...not all pictured.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

summa summa summa time.

man oh man. it has been a great start to summer break! AND it's only my second full day! they have been full of cookouts and pool parties, itty bitty bunnies, laying out with friends, and movie nights. i'm excited for a break of studying and going constantly and being with lots of high school friends. can't wait for weddings, road trips, sleepovers, concerts, and adventures. so cheers to summer time where the weather is hot, the mosquitoes are many, and times are good!! that was cheesy...but so am i!

Monday, May 9, 2011

little bunny foo foo.

so my mom officially has a zoo at her house. 2 dogs, 7 birds (that flew onto the back porch and thought it would make a nice bird house), and 3 itty bitty bunnies. she rescued the little bitty bunnies from our big dog. he brought them onto our deck. and of course, she has been nursing them back to health. she has tried to find their home/nest but can't. so while she was teaching today, she sent me on a hunt for things to get them healthy again. they really are the cutest things, and i want to keep them.
so here they are... meet thumper #1, thumper #2, and thumper #3.
(they like to snuggle)
p.s. today officially began my summer break! woohoo. can't wait to sit back and do a whole lot of nothin'!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

hey mama.

happy mother's day to the funniest woman i know.
happy mother's day to the only mom i have.
happy mother's day to the strongest woman i know.
happy mother's day to the most patient woman i know...she puts up with a lot!
happy mother's day to the person i most want to be like.
i love you mama!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a little birthday party.

nothing like kicking finals week off with a little birthday party! my friend, becca, turned the big TWO ONE! 21 can't believe it. we have been friends since we were little munchkins! my how times fly! it was a fun birthday filled with mexican food, friends, a dance party, lots and lots of desserts, and some picturing taking. it was a fun night by all. we even made one of those funny signs with a checklist of 21 things to do on your birthday...didn't quite check all of them off :)
but today i kicked my psych final in the arse! i aced that little test!! whoop whoop. now hopefully i can do that on the remaining two...but who's studying. not me! i'm really good at studying and college. actually i'm really surprised how i've made it this long!
so birthday parties and finals...what a week!

Monday, May 2, 2011


well my brother did it! he ran a full marathon!!! i can't really wrap my around it...and i can't wrap my head around the fact that lots of people do this. and my friends ran the half! whoop whoop. it was so fun to cheer on lots of other marathoners, friends, and cute boyz. it made you feel like you could conquer the world.
after the race. we took naps, had pillow talk, watched couponing shows, and slept. i was so tired this weekend, and i didn't even run! to celebrate the victory of finishing the race we went to one of my favorite nashville restaurants...burger up. could i get some truffle tries to go, please? yummm!
the weekend was full of lots of running, lots of laughs, lots of good food, lots of jokes, and lots of friends! even though i missed girl talk...this weekend was just what i needed, and it included a road trip!
this week is finals week...i am ready to kick these three tests in the it can officially be summer summer summertime!!!
p.s. happy birthday to my beautiful friend becca!!