Tuesday, May 24, 2011

in case of an emergency.

so i stumbled across this blog, and i think it is amazing seeing what people would take if their house was burning down. instead of submitting one to his blog, i decided to do my own on here. i actually thought about this recently since the south has been having bad storms...i hate storms, so i was preparing for my death (i guess i was being a little dramatic). but i still gathered some precious things that i did not want to lose. so in an emergency i would bring along:
-my great grandmother's diamond necklace that she gave me.
-my dad's initial ring, it was one of my favorite things that he wore.
-one of my favorite shirts.
-my well loved rainbows.
-my phone.
-my camera. not pictured because it was doin' work taking the picture.
-my glasses. i gots to see.
-my purple moshi pillow-i sleep with it every night.
-my wallet and keys.

i'm sure there is more...but it is crazy to think that a house full of 'things' i would only take a few personal and irreplaceable items. it surely puts things into perspective! let's just hope i don't have to use this list ever...but if i do i think i'm ready.

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