Monday, May 9, 2011

little bunny foo foo.

so my mom officially has a zoo at her house. 2 dogs, 7 birds (that flew onto the back porch and thought it would make a nice bird house), and 3 itty bitty bunnies. she rescued the little bitty bunnies from our big dog. he brought them onto our deck. and of course, she has been nursing them back to health. she has tried to find their home/nest but can't. so while she was teaching today, she sent me on a hunt for things to get them healthy again. they really are the cutest things, and i want to keep them.
so here they are... meet thumper #1, thumper #2, and thumper #3.
(they like to snuggle)
p.s. today officially began my summer break! woohoo. can't wait to sit back and do a whole lot of nothin'!

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