Sunday, May 15, 2011


this weekend was restful and mostly spent by myself or with babies, which was great! sometimes i just need to be alone to recharge...and that i did. my mom went on a little girl get away with one of her best friends. so i got the job of house-sitting her house and taking care of all her pets (including the little bunnies).

i also babysat for some pretty cute kids this weekend too! which is always good...playing with cute kids and i get paid?!? since i don't know what i want to be when i grow up i think i'm going to be a professional babysitter, not a nanny just a baby sitter, yep. that sounds good.

when my mom got back we decided to go to lunch and see bridesmaids...i gotta prepare for my duty coming up on june 18th!!! it was SO FUNNY! i was a little worried seeing it with my mom but she liked it too. i mean who doesn't like funny movies! i wish i could be as funny as kristen wiig.

and to top of the weekend, we ended with the finale of desperate housewives with some wine and cookies. classy. haha just trying to be like them. 'trying' is the key word.
*hope we look as good as the ones in the movie. we're pretty funny too, if i do say so my self...not all pictured.

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