Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a little birthday party.

nothing like kicking finals week off with a little birthday party! my friend, becca, turned the big TWO ONE! 21 can't believe it. we have been friends since we were little munchkins! my how times fly! it was a fun birthday filled with mexican food, friends, a dance party, lots and lots of desserts, and some picturing taking. it was a fun night by all. we even made one of those funny signs with a checklist of 21 things to do on your birthday...didn't quite check all of them off :)
but today i kicked my psych final in the arse! i aced that little test!! whoop whoop. now hopefully i can do that on the remaining two...but who's studying. not me! i'm really good at studying and college. actually i'm really surprised how i've made it this long!
so birthday parties and finals...what a week!

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