Tuesday, June 21, 2011

went to the chapel.

well, we went to the chapel and little abby got hitched. she is no longer a miss-she is now a MRS.! the whole weekend was wonderful...the bridesmaids luncheon, the rehearsal, and the wedding. all of it was filled with so much love and laughter! i'm so grateful that i was asked to be apart of it all, and her wedding day was perfect...minus the fact that it dumped rain. but it didn't phase her one bit! she was calm, cool, and collected. she was just excited to get married!! and that she did while looking stunning. her wedding was beautiful and all about christ. i loved every single minute of it. i teared up multiple times and tried not to ugly cry! i still can't believe that she is married but i'm so excited for her and andy!
p.s. i even got to live part of my dream...to play the tambourine in a band. but really the guy dropped it and i asked if i could play for a while.
if anyone needs/wants a tambourine player...i'm your gal. i even have my own!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

clubs and tools party.

well i attended the last shower for abby and andy before they are mr. and mrs.! can't believe it is SO soon like 4 days! where did the time go? this shower was more for the mr. he got lots of new tools so he can be extra handy around the hizouse-a hammer, a sander, a drill, a x-box (i didn't know that was a tool)...really exciting! but the party took place on the green so of course there was some putting going on. but what do girls do when they don't want to putt...take pictures, of course! so here ya go:

promise the count down will end soon...because after 4 days i won't be counting down for anything!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


the beach was just i needed! it was a great time to be with family (that i don't see too often) and be lazy on the beach soaking up the sun...even though i can sit and soak and soak and soak and don't get very tan. oh well, i'll have better skin when i'm 50! i played in the ocean and pool with two cute boys. they are my cousins and so funny. they can entertain you for hours! the week was full of memories, soaking up the sun, playing shark in the water, laughter, losing teeth (not my own), puzzles, sand castles, and sea shells-lots of sea shells on the beach. it was a great vacation even if i almost died on the flight back. long story short...lots of turbulence, dips, yelps, and hand holding my seat partner's hand...didn't know her.

p.s. 1 week until abby's wedding! cannot wait!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

big things happenin'.

bigs things have been happening and are about to happen in june! i have gotten two new roomies whoop whoop! i have loved every minute of it. and of course, when you get bored moving boxes and painting you make music vidoes?! right? doesn't everyone do that? i'm pretty sure these videos are only funny to the two stars of the video...me being one of them. so i present you the soul sistaz. if you ever need us to perform at a party or anything, let me know!
i leave for the beach tomorrow with my family, and i couldn't be more excited! get me to that sandy beach...

also only 14 more days until miss abby turns into a mrs.!!!! could not be more excited.
i gots a feelin' june's gonna be a good, good month!!