Saturday, June 11, 2011


the beach was just i needed! it was a great time to be with family (that i don't see too often) and be lazy on the beach soaking up the sun...even though i can sit and soak and soak and soak and don't get very tan. oh well, i'll have better skin when i'm 50! i played in the ocean and pool with two cute boys. they are my cousins and so funny. they can entertain you for hours! the week was full of memories, soaking up the sun, playing shark in the water, laughter, losing teeth (not my own), puzzles, sand castles, and sea shells-lots of sea shells on the beach. it was a great vacation even if i almost died on the flight back. long story short...lots of turbulence, dips, yelps, and hand holding my seat partner's hand...didn't know her.

p.s. 1 week until abby's wedding! cannot wait!

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