Monday, February 27, 2012

stick it to the allergies?

yes, that is what i have been doing...sticking it to my allergies. i know i will regret this, but who wants to be cooped up all day staring outside at the beautiful day...not me! so i jammed with my roomie to chickfila with the windows down and had a little impromptu picnic in our front yard. how romantic. even topped off these pretty days with so menchies....yum! it was just to pretty not to be outside. so i guess here is to more allergy meds, kleenex, and red eyes.

*can you tell my roomie is obsessed with the chick?

oh the guv'nah.

it is best if you read the title in your best british accent. go head and try. fun, right?! well this past weekend the dirty guv'nahs had two hometown shows. my great big brother gave me 4 tickets for christmas, so i could have my face rocked off. it was so great even picked up the tab for dinner. 3 of my friends won the 'text me back the fastest if you want to go with me' game. we started the night off at cafe 4 that was full of delicious food, laughter that probably echoed through the restaurant, and good company. then we got in place and put our rockstar faces on and rocked out so hard! we laughed at some drunkos lovin' life and sang along to some good tunes. all in all. great way to spend your friday night. my brother and friends are better than yours. just kidding. but really. so merry christmas in february! holler

*thanks jenn for the last pic!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

saturdays are for...

-sleeping in until 11.
-catching up on shows you missed through out the week.
-laying in bed until who knows when...maybe all day.
-staying in your pajamas as long as possible.
-listening to music.
-maybe studying.
-being with friends.
-drinking tea.

this is just a glimpse of what my saturday is looking like and going to look like. i needed this day bad. cheers to lazy saturdays!

*my dog totally gets what saturdays are for. whattastud!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentime's day!

that's how i used to say when i was little. even though i don't have a boyfriend, who doesn't love a day that is all about love?! my roomies and i threw a little valentine potluck party to celebrate. we had lots of yummy food...i kind of wish there were left overs, but there are still some sweet treats so i guess that's all that matters. the night was full of laughter, games, photo booth fun, pork tenderloin, strawberry cupcakes, silliness, and channing tatum. yes, we went to go see the vow last night after our fun dinner party. it was good but channing tatum was even better! holla.
here are a few snap shots of our party/photo booth!
happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a little birthday party.

well i celebrated my birthday like it was goin' out of style! i celebrated with my mom at our favorite mexican place with chimichangas all around, and then had a little cupcake party at my house with my roomies plus a neighb. but the real fun happened on saturday! me and my best gals went to silver spoon for some good eats and good times. we then ventured to a little gem known as sassy ann's...where we indeed get sassy! it was so much fun, and we danced the night away in honor of whitney houston! we just wanted to dance like somebody!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i'll be twenty (two) tomorrow...

it's like that ben rector song twenty tomorrow + two years. last night i met with my older friend, (my mentor-she doesn't like when i call her my mentor) and her family had decorated their house and even had a mini birthday celebration waiting for me! we had cupcakes, presents, and candles...the whole shebang! they called it the express party because their daughter had to get ready for bed. it was a great start to my birthday week! i love being able to spend time with her and we just talk about life and jesus. last night we did this in her car at sonic and drank cherry limeades. so here's to turning 22 tomorrow. holler!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

paper hearts, hunks, and garland...oh my!

so naturally when my roomies are writing papers, studying for tests, or driving baby blue rental cars, i decide to cut out paper hearts and some good lookin' males and do a little decorating. i even cut enough hearts to hang some garland in our living room. i wanted to make my room a little more festive for valentine's day...even though i don't have a significant other. i just wanted to celebrate the holiday in my birthday month. and who doesn't want pictures of hunky boys in their room?!? i must say waking up to those hunks on my door isn't too bad, and i'm not sure why i didn't do this sooner. can you feel the love?

*the boy pictured without his shirt on is tim riggins (taylor kitsch) duh!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

birthday month.

happy february 1...february is my birthday month!! i'll be turning the big twenty-two! i know a lot of people don't like february (i don't really get that), but who doesn't like a unique month it only has 28 days but then sometimes it has 29! what the? so crazy! in my family we like to celebrate birthday months...that way we know we are extra loved! some big things are happening this month, so cheers to february and birthdays! holler!!
*i hope it isn't too cold, and the sun decides to make quite a few appearances like this day!