Monday, February 27, 2012

oh the guv'nah.

it is best if you read the title in your best british accent. go head and try. fun, right?! well this past weekend the dirty guv'nahs had two hometown shows. my great big brother gave me 4 tickets for christmas, so i could have my face rocked off. it was so great even picked up the tab for dinner. 3 of my friends won the 'text me back the fastest if you want to go with me' game. we started the night off at cafe 4 that was full of delicious food, laughter that probably echoed through the restaurant, and good company. then we got in place and put our rockstar faces on and rocked out so hard! we laughed at some drunkos lovin' life and sang along to some good tunes. all in all. great way to spend your friday night. my brother and friends are better than yours. just kidding. but really. so merry christmas in february! holler

*thanks jenn for the last pic!

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