Sunday, November 6, 2011

fort building 101.

let's go build a fort! that's the idea my roomie and i had last friday. we decided it was a fort buildin', movie watchin', pajama wearin', candy eatin' kind of night. she brought her mattress into our downstairs living room (with only a little bit of struggle), we hung up sheets, made it cozy, pulled out chairs, brought mops into the picture...the perfect kind of fort if you ask me! i do have a confession. we became twihards this week. we have been bitten. we did watch all of the twilight movies in one night. some may think that is wrong, but if that's the case...i don't want to be right! the good news is, is that fort will be up for a while!! so here's to being 13 again because i still built forts then. didn't you? holler for fort building!

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