Tuesday, December 14, 2010

baby, it's cold outside.

it is SO cold. and cold weather does not do good things for my mind.(we will get to that later) but i really do love this snow! it's so beautiful. i have been staying at my mom's, and i have loved not really doing much. yesterday, i actually stayed in my pajamas all day long and watched tv with my brother...i really did love it, and i am not ashamed of it one bit. but since it has been so cold i often catch myself dreaming of warm days, sunshine, windows down, and the sandy beach between my toes. back to the cold messing with my mind... i get a little a crazy and end up saying certain things the wrong way when i get really cold...for example:
the other night my mom asked if i was going to bed soon. i replied, 'rarely soon.' instead of fairly.
i said i bet those people(on a scary tv show) are excavating themselves...it is defecating. ha
today i asked what to wear to the rehearsal of friends...it is receiving of friends. and the sad thing is i think i have been saying these things my whole life...not just when it is cold. i will just blame it on that.

so i give you this picture in honor of sunshine, bathing suits, sunglasses, and the lake. oh to be summer!

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