Monday, March 21, 2011

spring for the books.

7 girls. 2 cars. road-trippin' to PCB (panama city beach) and yes i am ashamed.
we started the journey early with music blastin' in the car and fist pumpin' all the way down to the sketchiest beach...we were warned. we didn't want to believe the rumors. THEY ARE TRUE!
we arrive at what is supposed to be our 'home' for the week at cabana cay. we stand in line to check in but we never get to check in. we booked a 6 person
room. we had 7 people. they thought this was a fire hazard. i thought they were silly, but they were really
doing a favor. after crying in the sketch winn dixie/cabana cay welco
me center and talking to the people on the phone to
get our money back and cancelling our reservations....we end up strand
ed. in PCB. not ideal. luckily, one of the seven had an aunt stayi
ng dow
n there so we crashed there for a night. not knowing where we would end up the next night.

here comes the good news:
we got an awesome condo next to miley cyrus' beach condo in seagrove!!! holla for some connections. needless to say, spring break surpassed all of our expectations. (i mean you can really only go up once you leave PCB. let's be honest).
good food, great friends, photoshoots on the beach, emily and brad forever, tans, really cute families, dance parties in our condo, ncaa tourney and brackets, laughter, st. patris day, perfect weather, sharks in the water, and memories that will make us laugh for SO long.
spring break started off a little shaky but we ended on solid ground.
so here is to you spri-brea-ele!

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