Friday, March 4, 2011

a really funny 2 hours.

today, my roommate, logan, and i went to the young life house to drop off our old prom dresses to sell so our high school friends can go to camp! logan is known for her panther growl (it was her high school mascot) so of course we saw people there, and they BEGGED her to do it and of course she did ..FUNNY!! after the panther growl, we decided we wanted a little a snack so we took the most round about way to get to a mcdonalds. we were ridin' dirty on the strip, hittin' on strangers in the car, gettin' in traffic jams, lookin' like fools. never a dull moment with her! so those 2 hours were a good indicator that this weekend will be rockin'. TGIF!
*these pictures of us describe us a little too well!

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