Friday, March 9, 2012

bro/sis roadtrip with a little mumford on the side.

so this week has been cray cray! my brother and i decided to take a mini road trip to nashville during our busiest week of school (probably not the smartest thing...but so worth it) to see mumford play at the ryman. it was beautiful...the ryman and the sons. i have only seen them once before and even though there were some hiccups in the show (he forgot the words and then had to run off stage to i guess puke) it was so wonderful...even though i have heard the next two nights were flawless and just amazing-i wouldn't trade my night for anything; it just felt so real and authentic. it was okay that they messed up...the crowd sang for them (sometimes a little too loud and too drunkenly). it was okay because they were doing what they love...playing music. it was really cool, and they were so humble about it! they sounded amazing and really know how to put on a not so perfect show. they rocked the ryman! as miley cyrus would say 'nobody's perfect...everybody makes mistakes'. on the way back we played games like 'let's sing into shazam and see if they recognize the song'-it didn't...but SO funny, we sang really loud and really bad, we laughed a lot, we got really tired, and we just talked about life. so i guess i am saying my brother is better than yours and my tuesday was better than yours!

so here's to fun adventures during the craziest of weeks!! holler.

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