Friday, March 2, 2012

how you supposed to breathe with no air?

cheesy title once again...but that's okay, i love me cheese.
last night, i was able to go to the ben rector/needtobreathe concert and the tennessee theatre. it was unreal! my mama came with me, so we made a little date out of it. the night was full of seeing friends, yummy food, good music, and dancin' like fools.
ben brought the house down looking like he stepped right out of the j.crew catalog. i have seen my fair share of needtobreathe shows and hands down that was one of the best. they always step it up a notch and that they did...they basically had a mini light show, they brought a string quartet to make things "classy", and they brought an insane show! it was so fun to see so many people rockin' and rollin'. these guys have so much passion for what they do, and it makes it so fun to watch! even my mama got down! great way to spend a thursday night in my book!

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