Saturday, July 16, 2011

taylor swift. my bff.

sorry, i'm not sorry. so it's been awhile since i have visited the ole blog. i've been living life. hanging with celebrities, riding bikes, swimming in lakes, getting paid to live in peoples houses, laughing my buttox off, and being with friends! this summer has been so great and it is flying by...i am almost to my last year of college...what!?! that is crazy.
it all started a couple months ago. my friends, kacey and logan, and i wanted to get t swift tickets...i mean who wouldn't. for some reason i could get them the day of course we did and we got awesome seats. we were on the 10 rows back. really 17 but we were close! it was unreal. i was so excited to see one of my favorite bands open up for her, needtobreathe. they started the party and taylor ended it. she brought the roof down! she is a diva and i love it! she put on quite the show...fireworks, dancers, confetti. the works. i was blown away that someone my age sold out an arena. unreal! it was so fun. we were living it up...i'm pretty sure she saw us and wishes she was our bff! until next time.

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