Friday, July 13, 2012


this was our second stop. when one thinks of austria one may picture rolling hills, julie andrews, fields that one can frolick in. well that is not what vienna is. it is a huge city! it reminded me of denver colorado. it was fun to explore, and i probably had one of the funniest lunches of my life there because some people ordered weiner schnitzel. we seriously walked the entire city looking for a palace that i'm pretty positive doesn't even exist! people would tell us where to go, and we would do it...nothin'! there was this pretty sweet market called the naschmarket, and it had fruit, restaurants, and cute little shops that had one of a kind scarves. by the end of the day we were exhausted and excited to get to the austria we had in our mind.

the hills are alive in salzburg! we all decided to do a 'hop on/hop off' sound of music tour. we saw all of the sights and sang along to do re mi and the hills are alive. we got to explore the quaint little city and had a mini photo shoot with ourselves. when we got hungry we happened upon this cute little bistro called cafe bistro...who would have thunk? it was so yummy, and since we were there they played american 'we are the champions' for 10 minutes! one of my favorite parts of the day is when we sat in the mirabelle gardens towards the end of the day and just watched people and talked about our day. i want to go back to salzburg asap! i loved it so much!

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