Wednesday, July 21, 2010

all those pretty lights.

usually when i am in nashville i go to a concert, roam the streets filled with shops, and wish it was my home...which it will be one day! but this time, my friend jenn and i visited a friend who is living there for the summer. we explored the parts we have never seen before and shared many many laughs! we saw the beautiful skyline of nashville all lit up, tried new, delicious restaurants...burger up,(if you are ever in nashville GO THERE!) pied piper ice cream,(so many different flavors)and zoe's kitchen(fresh food at its finest). the last night we were there we decided to be 'nashville tourists'. so we put on our dancing shoes and went square dancing! our friend jessie joined in for the fun night ahead. walking down broadway you pass bar after bar with live music spilling out onto the streets, cowboy boot stores, and little souvenir shops filled with country memorabilia. in the heart of downtown is where we ended up in a little place called wildhorse saloon. it was so fun to be complete tourists in music city and see why it really is the music capitol. it was sad to see this adventure come to an end, but i know there will be many more.

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