Thursday, October 13, 2011

this and that.

these past few weeks have been CRAZY. and that's an understatement! i have been bombarded with studying and school-three tests and a paper in one week. i mean i know i'm in college...but really? wasn't expecting this much studying, and it's my senior year. give me a break! well the weeks of hell are over! thank goodness. i can finally sit, sleep, be present with friends, and watch my beloved tv shows. (i know that's sad, but they bring me joy).
last friday, my friends had two extra tickets to the avett brothers concert at the smokies stadium! holler...did i mention they were free?! double whammy-free music and friends! well my roommate, becca, and i tagged along for all the flannel glory! *sidenote-i'm pretty sure i will get lung cancer from inhaling so much smoke...many different kinds of smoke. i have never seen them live but they are hyped up and put on a show! it was great to be with friends and do one of my all time favorite things...go to a concert. after the concert we were hungry (don't know if this is because of all the different smoke we inhaled) so we had a midnight snack a mcdonalds. so good! it was a great time in the middle of my crazy life!

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