Tuesday, October 18, 2011


this weekend was everything i wanted it to be! it was full of yummy food, laughter, harry potter wands used for drum sticks, orange, bon fires and perfect fall weather. my friend chelcie and i were together for most of the weekend...and i loved it! we didn't worry about a thing. friday we embarked all the way to maryville to eat a fine establishment...amburn's humdinger. my dad introduced it to my family, so i love going there! it has been my favorite place for a long time! i used to go there on my birthday dinners. if you want a good burger and milkshake go to humdinger! on saturday, i decided i would be a vol fan! my friends and i got front row seats...how we got them is not important! but it was so fun even though we couldn't really see much. we tried to get on tv and i'm pretty sure we were on the jumbo tron for .1 seconds. it was worth it! we topped off that day with a bonfire! here's to 2 weeks where i don't have to do anything in school!!! can i get a hoohah?!?

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