Tuesday, February 15, 2011

adventures in d.c.

this past weekend my friends took an adventure to washington dc on the megabus. we were a little skeptical at first, but it was AWESOME! we (tried to) slept through the night and woke up to the sun rising over our nation's capitol. it was beautiful. since we got there at 8 we had an early start to our day. and it turns out we probably walked a half marathon. we got lost multiple times and took round-about-ways to everywhere we wanted to go. needless to say, we were very sore the next morning. on our last day we decided to get georgetown cupcakes for breakfast (very good decision)! we also decided to rest our tired legs and take cabs everywhere. also a very wise decision. as our weekend adventure came to a close, we decided to walk to the bus since we would be sitting down for 9 hours straight. we got lost and got a cab and made it just in time. i was getting a little nervous. we all still think it was a dream! all in all, it was a successful weekend, full of laughter, friends, and new memories. goin' down in the books for sure! until next time!

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