Sunday, February 6, 2011

america's rising stars.

she was recreating a picture of lionel richie on the wall.

this weekend, a group of my friends went to big mama's karaoke cafe. yes, very creative name! not a lot of people were there, so we got to own that stage. my roommate, logan, and i sang 'since u've been gone' by kelly clarkson. *sidenote- kelly came in town last year. so logan and i decided we were going to try and buy tickets at the concert. no big deal if they were sold out. we got 5th row seats for 25 dollars! we aren't big fans or anything...just thought it would be funny to go to one of her shows. and it was so fun! but back to karaoke, we were with some good ole country bumpkins. the night was full of future stars!

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