Wednesday, April 18, 2012

just a little senior skip day.

i decided to be a rebel and skip TWO whole classes...i know, i'm so crazy!! my friend, chelsey, is getting ready to hopefully move there, and she had a bunch of interviews in nashville. so after i got the invitation to tag along, i didn't hesitate (i did look at my planner first...but shh) to go to one of my favorite places and explore that fun little city in a day. we woke up with the sun. we talked about life. we laughed a lot! we ate yummy food. we had lots of diet dr pepper. we drove down a one way street...whoops. but really funniest moment. we shopped and thrifted. we even made time to go to the DQ and get some ice cream cones!

it was so fun to spend the day with this lady and catch up on life, she is such a great friend with such a trusting, humble heart in the lord...she is proof that after a hard time, the only peace you can have is peace that comes from the lord. she is living one day at a time-something i strive for.
so thanks chelsey for letting me tag along!!!

a senior skip day for the books!
*we forgot to take a pic so we took one at the DQ...great scenery!

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