Wednesday, April 25, 2012

memory lane.

i have been taking a long, little stroll down memory lane because this week is the last week of classes. what? where did the time go? am i really finished with college? yes, i know that i technically have 4 more weeks after this term, but let's take baby steps! i'm still counting this as my last week. i mean really, where did the time go? i still feel like a freshmen.
along my walk down this memory lane, i remember all the wonderful things and really hard things that have happened these past four years. as much as i loved high school, i know that during these college years i have learned a lot about myself.
i remember all the road trips i went on, i remember when i found out i would be doing young life at hva, i remember going to big mama's on countless occasions to sing my little heart out, i remember all the football games and tailgates, i remember all the late nights i stayed up with my roomies being silly, i remember camping in my backyard, i remember tears, i remember how my family came together, i remember being shown love by so many different friends, i remember concerts, i remember laughing until pee my pants.
there are so many more memories, and i couldn't be more thankful! i'm excited for the future...even though i don't know what the heck i'm going to do. (i should probably get on that) but it's kind of fun not knowing and just letting go of that control. so here's to these wonderful four years!

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  1. box, so happy to make a few pics. love that you are reflecting on college... me too! you are in so many of my favorite memories from the past 4 years. love yaaa mean it