Sunday, April 15, 2012

weekend update.

this weekend update does not feature seth meyers from snl. i wish it did! this weekend has been very productive. that's a very big surprise to say the least! i have a lot of final projects and papers that are due at the end of the semester...which is in 2 weeks? what?! so crazy...then i go back for a hot sec and finished forever. but that's beside the point. i finished all my papers and projects, and it is such a relief. now, i can just hang out with felicity and the gang. ( i'm hoping to be graduating with them...i'm still on their junior year) i also went to the downtown dogwood arts festival, which happens every year, with my mama. it was a fun little afternoon where we took free milk shots, (who knew that could be so fun) ate really yummy salted caramel ice cream, and wandered through the food truck line and the vendor area. it was so fun to enjoy the beautiful weather downtown and see lots of familiar faces. all in all it was a great weekend! here's to the week ahead. i'm going on a little adventure tomorrow. senior skip day for me-holler!!!

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