Sunday, November 21, 2010


on sunday, my small group went and delivered a thanksgiving basket to a woman and her family who really needed it. the family included a mom, 3 kids, and one on the way. it was so great to put a basket together for them. our leader told us when we were putting it together why this was important. she said it is important to us to be servants of christ, to the family to receive a gift from the lord, and to god. we are letting God tell us well done. we are serving our brothers and sisters. we sat in the parking lot praying for their family before we delivered. it was a really sweet time. we get to their house, and we are welcomed with open arms. they are so excited for this little thanksgiving basket. one of the girls runs up to each one of us and hugs us! we go inside, and i was overwhelmed with what i saw and smelled.i am not going to lie...i did gag (i have problems with that)! mattresses on the ground, trash everywhere, dirt floors, dog pee, not a full functioning kitchen, barely enough food in the pantry. i have been thinking non-stop of how many blessing i have and how easy my life seems. i so easily forget how much brokenness is out in the world and in my own city, knoxville. i so easily get caught up in my own bubble and world and forget about everything else. i am grateful. i am thankful. i want to continually be reminded of that.

'the way you invest your love, you invest your life.' -mumford and sons
*photo from weheartit.

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