Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i am thankful. i am thankful for the friends God has put in my life. i am thankful for laughter. i am thankful for fall. i am thankful for faith and grace. i am thankful for family. i am thankful for my high school friends.

this past weekend was just what i needed! i went to a high school football game, hva vs. karns...go hawks.*funny story. i was talking to one of my high school friends, i was wearing my carhartt overalls, she said, "oh, i am so glad you got the redneck memo. it is so funny you are wearing those." thanks for the compliment...i had them on all day. i ain't no redneck! i went to a wedding, one of my best friend's sister got married. it was one of the sweetest weddings, so much laughter, so much jesus, and so much love. i am so happy for jenny and matt. i even got to see one of my dear friends that goes to school in auburn! finally, i got to celebrate a dear friend of mine's birthday. she turned 21 and had a little get together with costumes, food, and fun. *another funny story. my friend and abby and i were the only ones dressed up for a while...i was juno and she was a huge personal trainer. sweet life. thankful.

'thankfulness opens your heart to my presence and your mind to my thoughts...let thankfulness rule in your heart.'- jesus calling

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