Thursday, November 25, 2010

true beauty.

'when christ overtakes a woman’s life and transforms her from the inside out, she becomes truly feminine - a picture of elegance, grace, and loveliness blended with sacrificial selfless devotion to her king. she becomes a true lady, carrying herself with poise and confidence, yet deflecting all attention away from herself and toward jesus christ. she is enchantingly mysterious, holding her inner life sacred and guarding her heart with quiet tenacity.
noble, breathtaking, captivating, christ-centered femininity is truly a sight to behold. it’s a beauty that does not draw attention to the woman, but to jesus christ. it’s a radiance that is not dependent upon age, circumstances, or physical enhancements. it’s a loveliness that flows from deep within-the refreshing beauty of heaven, of a life transformed from the inside out by jesus christ.' -leslie ludy

i can only hope that my life will look like that and already a glimpse of that...a woman's who life is overtaken by christ. pointing others to him. a radiance that only comes from jesus. a life that is transformed from the inside out by jesus. a true beauty.

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