Tuesday, September 6, 2011

boom's day with a side of dance party.

boom's day is a knoxville tradition. it's always on labor day weekend. knoxville's finest get together and watch fireworks light up the sky. when i say knoxville's finest, i mean redneck, she mullets, and me! a lot of knoxville folk dress up like rednecks, so of course i wore a cut off shirt, jorts, and an american flag doo rag. what is more american than that? heck if i know! it was quite a show, but the bad part is that this year it rained so it was a tad bit hard to see all of the fireworks.
after boom's day we went to one of my friend's barn with a bout a hundred something other people and danced our booties off. we danced to some of the best songs out there...'get low', 'slow motion', and many more! we may have gotten on an old truck and danced. these raised surfaces may have been a theme in my life this week. it was so much fun and whatta way to end the long labor day weekend. although, i'm pretty sore and a little tired...still!

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