Tuesday, September 20, 2011

just a normal tuesday evening.

preface: weird things always happen to me. i think i attract weird people and weird situations.

i got out of class and it was the longest day ever. maybe slight exaggeration. BUT i was so excited to come back to my house and sit on the couch and not have anything do. next thing i know the doorbell rings...this is when the funny story begins:
i'm always a little hesitant to answer the door, especially when they are old men. but today, i said what the heck. he doesn't look so bad. turns out he is a roofer and drives around looking for jobs. i explained to him that we are in college and rent the house, and we don't have any say in that. he asks me name. i say becca. he says oh wow that's a neat name. (just one of the most common ones). he then asks me my major, and i tell him psychology. he tells me his daughter wants to do that, and how is ex-wife is crazy among many other things! (side note. he asks me if i've heard of borderline personality disorder. i said yes. he said she didn't have it) hahahaha.
he tells me about scientology and all the very detailed steps that it entails...there are lots. how he moved out to la to do the whole acting thing. then we start talking about jesus...which he now believes in. which is great! and how sin we are born with just like my beautiful blue eyes...i was beginning to get a little creeped out. but only a little bit!
all in all it was an interesting 20 minute conversation with the roofer, we didn't hire-that just drove by. what a night.

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