Thursday, September 15, 2011

weekend at sharp top cove.

this past weekend i had the opportunity to go to sharp top cove in jasper, ga. it was beautiful. with about 500 other young life leaders in the state of tennessee! it was insane. it was so neat to be with friends and be encouraged by so many people: my young life team (who i love), other young life leaders, and the speaker, tom job. it was amazing!
tom spoke to us about how we don't have to be awesome and perfect. how we are our own person just trying to share Jesus to high schoolers. we don't have to be perfect and someone were not. it was so encouraging to hear! i needed that big time.
i loved getting close to my team and hanging out with them whenever i could. the weekend was full of lots o' laughter, hugs, perfect weather, back roads, games like who would be the one to (fill in the blank), square dancing, being encouraged, and did i say laughter?!
p.s. i got voted most likely to go to jail...i don't know how that worked out!

i stole most of these pictures from my teammate, morgan.

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