Tuesday, September 6, 2011

game day.

this weekend i lived it up. needless to say i kept saying 'i'm being so college.' my mom was able to go out of town, so i got to take a much needed break from being her nurse. so i got to go spend the whole weekend at my house!
but saturday was the day many vol fans have been waiting for...the first game of the season. it was hot, hot, hot. we tailgated and watched other football games to get pumped up for the big game. we kept saying ' wouldn't it be nice if it were a little bit cooler?' well Jesus answered and brought the rain and when i say rain, i mean buckets and buckets of rain. did i mention the whole stadium was under the concourse waiting for the rain to pass. needless to say it was pretty packed with soaking wet people. we were under there for what seemed like hours. we finally got to go back out, and we still got wet because it was still raining. (side note, this game was the 2nd time that the team didn't run out into the T in 65 years! that was crazy) we braved the rain and stayed for quite a while to see our vols stomp those grizzlies!

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