Tuesday, August 14, 2012


all this talk about europe and where i went is making me want to go back...so who's with me?!? anybody???
some highlights from barcelona...
-my feet finally returned to their semi-regular size. they looked like balloons when i got off the train.
-la boqueria. it is an open air market full of juices, fruit, yummy calzones, dried fruits, and about everything else. the juices were so good! my favorite was a pineapple, banana, and chocolate juice. i want one RIGHT NOW!
-we went to the beach and it was hot hot hot!
-we got to stay in a hotel, thanks to kyle's mom. it lifted our spirits to stay in such a nice place.
-we did our laundry in the bathtub...when in barcelona and backpacking, one washes clothes in the tub.
barcelona was beautiful! it was hot. but so amazing. the streets, the mosaic park known as park guell.

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