Thursday, August 16, 2012


berlin was our last stop on our european adventure. it's where we began and where we end. it was a great place to bookend. we were greeted both times by our friends and that was about as good as being home. at this point of our trip we were tired and just didn't want to think about what to do...this was the perfect place for that to happen because we had little tour guides who knew the city pretty well. we didn't have to think just follow. we saw the holocaust memorial, hitler's old bunker which is now a parking lot, the berlin wall, checkpoint charlie, and graffiti everywhere. we even got to spend fourth of july there. it wasn't as good as spending the fourth in AMERICA but it was pretty darn good. we cooked out and tried to be as american as we could. it was the perfect sendoff! by the end of the trip we were ready to get back home-the land of the free restrooms, free refills, and deodorant! thankfully my mom changed my flight so i could get back the same day as bec and jenn. otherwise i would have been back a day later with a long layover over night in the amsterdam airport. so thank goodness for mamas.

that concludes my europe trip!

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