Wednesday, August 15, 2012


i absolutely loved paris! we all had heard that you either love it or you hate it...and i loved it!! we didn't too anything too exciting there. since it was our last major stop we just took it easy. we walked the pretty streets and explored the louvre where becca discovered her love for a particular painting! we sat in front of the eiffel tower on multiple occasions. the tower is breathtaking!! we drank wine, ate cheese and baguettes, laughed, and watched the tower twinkle at night. oh, and don't worry, we totally fought with each other with our baguettes...just like mary-kate and ashley. we modeled a lot of paris trip after them. (passport to paris) we discovered this little place that made crepes and became friends with the owner...there are too many stories with that. let's just say we stayed for 2 hours waiting on our crepes one night because we were 'friends'-he kept telling us stories and showing us videos. we were ready to leave after about 15 minutes.

when kyle and meg left us to go home. bec, jenn, and i traveled to versailles. getting there was quite the adventure. i think we took the slowest train there. we explored the palace and also a gas station because we missed the stop for the palace. we took part of happy hour, and then we went on our merry way to berlin to see our friends.

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